How do I source custom length DF3 / DF11 cables?

Arcus motion products that have a DF3 or DF11 connector interface come with a standard 1 ft long pig tail cable.  If you require different lengths, see below for sourcing options.

If you require less than 50 pieces

The best option in this case is to purchase components from and assemble the cables yourself.  They provide a pre-crimped wire service which saves you the need to crimp pins yourself.

Go to and search for the header that you require:

  • For DF11: DF11-10DS-2C, DF11-14DS-2C, DF11-18DS-2C, DF11-24DS-2C, DF11-28DS-2C
  • For DF3: DF3-4S-2C, DF3-10S-2C

Go to and search for the pre-crimped wire that you need:

  • For DF11 female to female cables: H3BBT-10112-A4-ND.  
  • For DF11 flying lead cables: H3BXT-10112-A4.  
  • For DF3 flying lead cables: H2BXT-10112-A4.  
  • Note: You'll need to contact Digikey support for custom cable lengths.  You can email your request to and use the wire part as your template and tell them the length that you need. There is a one time set up fee of $20-25, but if someone has requested the same thing in the past and already paid that fee, subsequent orders by anyone for the same thing have no fee.

If you require greater than 50 pieces

Contact Arcus for your specification, and we can quote you with a minimum order of 50 pcs.  Lead times for custom cables are typically 5-6 weeks.


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