What factors determine torque of a motor/driver combination?

A proper torque specification provides the desired torque and speed of your motor. Once this is established, torque information can be found by looking at torque curves that are provided with motor/driver products. Below are a few main factors that determine torque:

  • Current: Increasing current will increase the torque output of the motor. Be sure to check the maximum current value of your unit.
  • Voltage: Increasing voltage will allow your motor to have high torque at high speeds. Be sure to check maximum voltage value for your unit.
  • Motor Frame Size: Choosing a larger motor will provide more torque. Arcus provides size NEMA 11, 17, and 23 frame motors.
  • Motor Stack Size: Within a frame size, stepper motors come in different stack sizes. Torque increases with increasing stack size.


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